McLanahan Corporation provides complete manure management solutions for the agricultural industry. Our custom engineered systems help dairies minimize the challenges of manure handling with safer, simpler and smarter solutions.

Complete Manure Management Solutions

Utilizing McLanahan’s mining-duty, field-proven equipment, our sand separation equipment eliminates the need to regularly purchase sand to refill freestalls and allows you to further process your manure without abrasive sand. We also design equipment to remove manure fibers, giving you a more nutrient dense material to land apply.

Learn more about how specific pieces of equipment are designed to help you improve your dairy’s environmental footprint below:

SwissLane Dairy Uses McLanahan Systems To Improve Environmental Sustainability


Fredrick Oesch founded SwissLane Dairy in Alto, Mich., on 91 acres in 1915. Now, four generations later, the operation has grown to more than 2,000 milking cows on over 1,900 acres.

To be environmentally responsible and keep cows content and producing, SwissLane uses sand bedding. Sand is a comfortable source of bedding that offers strong traction, stays cool in the summer, and drains moisture easily with minimal bacteria growth. Matt says that from a cost perspective, sand is relatively inexpensive and readily available.

“We saw a big difference when we switched to sand. It’s what our cows like the best and yields the most milk,” Jeff Oesch, a third-generation owner, said. SwissLane cows gained roughly eight pounds of milk production after the move to sand bedding. Today, they produce an estimated 90 pounds of milk per cow.

Hear more from the Oesch family on the benefits SwissLane Dairy saw when switching to sand.

Equipment Spotlight – Sand Lane Clean-Up System


McLanahan’s Sand Lane Clean-Up System is a low-cost solution for cleaning and dewatering sand recovered from a sand lane or settling system. Utilizing sand lanes often results in producers spending time and energy to turn and move sand piles in an effort to reduce drying times and inventory. With the Sand Lane Clean-Up System, producers can save money by minimizing sand management; producing cleaner, dryer sand; and ultimately, reducing sand inventory up to 75%.


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