Sand bedding is considered the gold standard for bedding dairy cows. Its benefits include fewer cases of mastitis and comfortable, happy cows.

That’s not to say sand bedding isn’t without its challenges. Without proper handling systems, sand can be extremely abrasive on manure handling equipment such as pumps, loaders, and spreaders. Sand can also clog pipes and settle in manure storage areas, both resulting in costly clean-outs. McLanahan custom engineers processing solutions help dairy producers lessen these challenges and produce clean, dry reusable sand.

McLanahan Corporation has taken its mining-duty, field-proven sand processing equipment and applied it to recycling sand bedding in the agricultural industry. Dairies that bed with sand can separate sand from the manure stream using equipment and systems that are custom engineered for each dairy’s needs. McLanahan helps its customers reduce costs by creating opportunities to recycle its sand bedding, eliminating the need to regularly purchase sand to refill freestalls. Separating sand from manure also results in less costly storage clean-outs.

Advanced manure treatment technologies, such as anaerobic digesters, require high levels of sand recovery that can be achieved with McLanahan custom engineered sand solutions. Producers that bed with sand can have an anaerobic digester with the use of McLanahan products.

In addition to clean recycled sand, Sand Separation Systems operating in a closed-loop arrangement produce dewatered manure solids. These solids can be hauled economically to distant fields and are less susceptible to run-off. Less run-off means better utilization of nutrients.

McLanahan designs their solutions to help with all aspects of manure management. From removing, drying and re-using sand in freestalls to creating a better nutrient-dense solid, McLanahan can provide dairy producers with a sand solution. Learn more about specific equipment by clicking below, or contact McLanahan today to learn more about a custom sand solution system for your dairy.