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Feb 22-24, 2021 Location: Virtual Industries: Aggregates, Frac Sand, Crushing, Dewatering, Feeding, Fines Recovery, Screening/Sizing, Tailings & Water Management, Washing & Classifying

AGG1 Reimagined

NSSGA’s 2021 Annual Convention & AGG1 Academy will be held via a digital platform, providing an opportunity for our members to participate from wherever they work or reside. Originally scheduled for March 2021 in Atlanta, GA, NSSGA worked with representatives across our leadership, membership, and stakeholders to make the decision to conduct our annual meeting digitally, rather than in-person for 2021, due to the continuing issues surrounding the current pandemic. 

Both events offer networking opportunities, including one-on-one video meetings with fellow attendees and ad-hoc group meetings in virtual lounges.  

What is AGG1 Academy & Exchange?

AGG1 Academy is the aggregates industry’s leading education resource. The academy offers learning opportunities for personnel at every level of their career, from the hauler seat to the C-suite. We are offering over 50 educational sessions virtually this year in four tracks: Operations & Production; Environment, Safety & Health; Business Management; Leadership Development. To view our schedule and course offerings please click on the AGG1 Schedule tab.  In addition, attendees and sponsors can connect via lounges, one-on-one meetings and through the lively event feed.  

What is NSSGA’s Annual Convention?

NSSGA’s Annual Convention brings our membership together each year to conduct the business of our association. We will hear from exciting speakers, address the issues facing our industry and enjoy the opportunity to network and grow closer. To see our schedule of speakers and committee meetings, visit the Convention Schedule tab. 

McLanahan Headlining Educational Sessions on Virtual Platform

Crushing 101

Presented by Mark Krause, McLanahan

This session provides an overview of crushing. Learn about the different types of primary and secondary crushers, pros and cons associated with the different types, what site conditions to consider when choosing crushers and how to optimize the process given a particular crusher. Topics covered include types of crushers available, the features and benefits of each along with the expected production capabilities, end products and factors affecting their efficiency. By the end of the session the attendee should understand the effect of speed, stroke and angle for various types of crushers.

A staple at AGG1 for several years, Mark's Crushing 101 session will be broken down into two parts to maximize the information provided to attendees.

The Future of Tailings Management: Ultra Fines Recovery, Thickeners/Clarifiers and Plate Presses

Presented by Scott O'Brien, McLanahan

An important question in any operation that uses water is how to handle the waste stream. Water Management is often an overlooked, vital process for any plant. This session will focus on making sure that the user is putting every "sellable" particle in their product pile and not in the waste stream. From there the session will move to the three phases of water management - Ultra Fine Recovery, Clarifiers & Thickeners, and Plate Presses. With different needs for every plant, from settling ponds to total elimination of waste ponds, we will outline the entire water management process and their difference.

How Well Do You Know Your Plant

Presented by Mark Krause, McLanahan

Can you tell when your plant isn't operating efficiently? Can you troubleshoot before a major issue shuts down production? Do you know when to take a sample and what the results mean? Knowing your plant is step one in running a successful and profitable operation. During this session, you'll learn what to look for when your plant isn't operating correctly, when and how to sample and what it all means.

The Evolution of Sand Processing and How to Maximize Your Efficiency

Presented by Rick Madara, McLanahan

We'll take an in-depth look at the traditional sand classification equipment, like sand tanks and screw washers, and compare them to sand plants using the new technology of dewatering screens, cyclones, and/or hydrosizers. Attendees will gain insight on the future of sand processing with the use of sand plants and how they can maximize production. We will show users how all sand processing methods have their advantages and disadvantages depending on their ultimate desired goal. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of sand plants, how to select the best solution for their specific application, and how to best optimize their site for the highest ROI.

Missing the Tradeshow Atmosphere?

We're all missing the one-on-one contact that a tradeshow provides our industry - whether you attend to see equipment in-person before making a purchase, like to talk face-to-face with a company representative or you simply enjoy the social atmosphere of spending a few days with your industry peers. Before or after partaking in the many educational sessions provided by the AGG1 virtual format, please don't hesitate to contact a McLanahan representative to ask questions about a solution for your operation. Contact any of our attending representatives today to get the conversation started.

Team Attending

Team Member
Mark Krause
Mark Krause Managing Director North America Email Mark Krause
Team Member
Scott Obrien
Scott O'Brien Global Director Process Engineering Email Scott O'Brien
Team Member
Matt Lear
Matthew Lear Regional Sales Manager Email Matthew Lear
Team Member
Tom Kiern
Tom Keirn Regional Sales Manager Email Tom Keirn
Team Member
Stephen Shortsleeve
Stephen Shortsleeve Regional Sales Manager Email Stephen Shortsleeve
Team Member
Rick Madara
Rick Madara Director Sales Email Rick Madara
Team Member
Wes Edevane
Wes Edevane Regional Sales Manager Email Wes Edevane