Laboratory Testing

McLanahan maintains and operates a minerals and aggregate laboratory staffed with full-time technicians and supported by trained mineral processing engineers. Many of your enquiries will start off in our lab, where we characterise your material using a number of protocols, including both ASTM and in-house procedures we have developed for scale up of our own unit operations.

Proper evaluation of your materials and interpretations of results ensures that the solutions we provide to you, whether greenfield or brownfield, simple or complex, are technically sound and cost-efficient for the life of the endeavour.

Our services include:

Wet Processing

  • Sieve Analysis – Gradations of various feed materials following ASTM D6913 – 04(2009)
  • Percent Solids – Testing includes ASTM C117 – 13
  • Durability – Following ASTM D3744 / D3744M – 11a
  • Sand Equivalency – Following ASTM D 2419
  • Sink Float (at 2.0SG) – Following ASTM C123 / C123M – 12
  • Static and Dynamic Settling Tests - Settling rate, clarity, Thickener capacity and underflow compression
  • Attritioning – Bench scale testing for removal of surface contaminants such as clays, iron and organics
  • Log Washer – Proprietary test for reduction of plastic clays (capacity is -2” / <50mm)
  • Hydrosizer – Lab scale continuous test for both size classification and gravity separation within our teetered bed classifier
  • Filter Press (including membrane) – Proprietary test for press cycle time and moisture content
  • Flocculant Screening - Determination of a suitable flocculation regimen for your slurry
  • Sub-sieve Size Analysis - Particle size distributions determined by laser diffraction (Malvern MasterSizer) down to 100 nanometres (0.1 microns)
  • Yield Stress - Characterisation of Yield Stress for thickened muds and slurries using a Haake Viscotester IQ

Dry Processing

  • Sieve Analysis – Gradations of various feed materials following ASTM D6913 – 04(2009)
  • Single Roll Crusher
  • Double Roll Crusher
  • Rocker Tooth Crusher
  • Drop Test (simulating Rotary Coal Breakers)

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