Construction aggregates are produced from naturally occurring mineral deposits, including solid rock formations such as limestone and granite, and from unconsolidated deposits of sand and gravel. The most common structural uses of construction aggregates include the coarse and fine mineral constituents in Portland cement concrete and asphalt. Aggregates are used for road base and unbound road surfacing, as well as produced for their chemical qualities in many industrial mineral uses. Construction aggregates are also produced as byproducts from other manufacturing processes such as steel mill slag.

McLanahan equipment can be used in all steps of the production of construction aggregates, which includes liberating the mineral from its native state and processing it for its intended use. From crushing the material to a desired size and sorting the various sizes for specific uses to maximizing fines recovery and eliminating settling ponds, we employee a team of process design experts that are able to help you create a more efficient, more productive and more profitable site. We ensure your aggregate product meets the specific sizes need to meet demanding specifications, as well as meeting water usage permit requirements.