Frac Sand

The production of oil and natural gas from shale deposits relies on the use of proppants to maintain the openings induced by hydraulic fracturing. The most common proppants are produced from high quality silica sand deposits and are known as frac sand. In order to be used as frac sand, the naturally occurring silica sand must exhibit many unique natural qualities including roundness, high strength and purity. In addition, frac sand must be carefully processed to very demanding specifications with very tight tolerances.

With the demand for frac sand rapidly increasing, the supply is increasing rapidly to meet it. Frac sand producers are under ever increasing pressure to meet demanding specifications while keeping production costs low. Due to the dynamic nature of oil and gas well fracturing technology, frac sand producers are constantly challenged with changing product demands. This requires frac sand production plants to have the flexibility to adapt to the changing demands by incorporating the latest equipment technology available.

McLanahan leads the industry in the design and manufacture of the specialized equipment needed to meet the demands of the frac sand producer. Complete systems are custom engineered to meet the needs of each specific site. From crushing to water management system, McLanahan is able to make your frac sand site more efficient, more productive and more profitable.