As both producers and consumers of bulk material products strive to maintain strict quality standards, the focus on precisely and accurately collecting representative samples for analysis becomes increasing important.

Many contract documents require bulk materials with specific physical characteristics or blends of several bulk materials of differing physical characteristics. Producers utilize sampling to be sure that the product they ship will meet contract requirements without the potential for financial loss due to the shipment of product that exceeds contract requirements. Conversely, consumers utilize sampling to verify that the product they receive meets contract requirements and to minimize the potential of overpayment for subpar product. In situations where large quantities of material are exchanged, and/or are exchanged frequently, the economic impact to an organization can be significant.

McLanahan Sampling Systems help clients show they are serious about the consistency of their products – either shipped or received. All sampling systems are designed to offer the best possible solution to a potential client’s sampling application, while meeting or exceeding sampling standards set forth by important standards organizations such as ASTM, ISO, and others.