Aggregate Conditioners

Aggregate Conditioners help producers to scour, abrade and breakdown water-soluble silts and deleterious clays from a coarse rock or sand feed. They are most often placed ahead of Wash Screens to improve screening efficiencies or in front of a Wash Screen, Sand Classifying Tank or Fine Material Screw Washer to improve the Sand Efficiency (SE).Although similar in appearance to Coarse Material Screw Washers, Aggregate Conditioners function much differently and do not have a weir overflow. This means that material and water entering the Aggregate Conditioner must exit through the discharge opening at the bottom of the box opposite the feed end.

Based on each producer’s application, McLanahan will recommend a custom combination of paddles and flights arranged in alternating format the entire length of the shaft. They sit on a slope of zero to five degrees and can achieve very high capacities as a result of the low slope.

Aggregate Conditioners scour, abrade and start to break down deleterious materials. These machines are not designed to remove tough, plastic clays or high percentages of clays, which is why Aggregate Conditioners are used when water soluble clays or crusher dust needs to be worked or wetted before further processing.

McLanahan Aggregate Conditioners feature abrasion-resistant white iron paddles that provide maximum wear life and are reversible. This provides producers tremendous flexibility, as reversing some of the paddles will keep material in the box longer, improving retention time. If the operator chooses to move the unit or feed it larger amounts of deleterious material, it is still usable despite changing conditions.

Design elements help keep operation and maintenance simple on Aggregate Conditioners. A 360-degree section of flights and wear shoes located in the feed end is able to move material forward, preventing build-up in that area. Screw shafts are made of extra-heavy steel pipe shaft with inner and outer renewable, reversible abrasion-resistant hard iron paddles. Those paddles are preceded and followed by heavy-duty steel flights, equipped with bolt-on inner and outer renewable, abrasion-resistant hard iron paddles. Optional top covers are available, and drive guarding comes standard for personnel safety.

McLanahan offers lab testing for potential Aggregate Conditioner users at its in-house testing laboratory.

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