Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screens

McLanahan Sand Dewatering Screens are designed for dairy producers looking to remove excess water from recycled sand bedding. Not only does drying recycled sand lead to a faster turnaround time to reuse existing sand bedding, but it also reduces bacterial growth and improves overall freestall bed quality.Dewatering Screens reduce the need for vast sand stacking and conditioning pads. When sand is cleaner, less inventory is required, and less inventory means more cash on-hand.

McLanahan Sand Dewatering Screens are a safe, simple and smart way to produce cleaner, dryer sand. Developed specifically for dairy producers from McLanahan’s existing mining-duty technology, Dewatering Screens function as vibratory screens by shaking damp sand to remove excess water attached to sand grains. The water then filters out through screen media, reducing recycled sand moisture and organic content by 50 percent. No fresh or recycled water is necessary for this system.

Traditionally, payloaders have been used to dewater and recondition sand for reuse. Sand Dewatering Screens eliminate the need to move sand with a payloader and are also less expensive to own, operate and maintain.

Including a McLanahan Sand Dewatering Screen in a Sand Separation System, whether new or retrofitted, is simple. It reduces the amount of space required to store stand and minimizes the amount of dirty run-off water from sand stack pads. Additionally, Dewatering Screens can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment to clean-up sand from sand lanes that would not otherwise be suitable for recycling.

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Case Studies

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