Ballistic Separators

Ballistic Separators separate 2-D materials, such as paper, from 3-D materials, such as bottles, cans, etc. They are used in industries such as municipal solid waste, single stream recycling, commercial industrial waste, plastic sorting and RDF.Capable of achieving a three fraction split with one machine, Ballistic Separators achieve separation by feeding material onto a deck with a series of 4-12 paddles. Material is then separated by a “walking” motion. The flat 2-D materials, such as paper, film plastics and cardboard, walk on top of the deck while the round, rolling fraction of 3-D materials, such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles, move to the bottom of the deck. The third fraction of material, which is made of fine residues, falls through the holes in the paddles.

Just like all McLanahan equipment, Ballistic Separators are designed to be safer, simpler and smarter than other systems in the industry. Each Ballistic Separator is completely enclosed, meaning less exposure to both dust and noise for employees. Safety access doors are built in with fold-down access walkways. Ballistic Separators are fully automated and feature simple, adjust-on-the-fly technology to change the speed and pitch of the ballistic deck for different materials.

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