Concrete Reclaimers

With years of experience recovering the finest fractions of sand and aggregates, McLanahan Corporation has taken its existing technology and engineered a new line of heavy-duty Concrete Reclaimers. Just like traditional Reclaimer designs, McLanahan’s line is used to recycle coarse aggregates and sand from concrete washout water from mixers.

In order to allow a faster discharge into the Reclaimer and get concrete trucks back on the road, McLanahan Reclaimers can be supplied with large, infeed hoppers with augers that can meter the washout material into the Reclaimer. Once the washout material is introduced into the Reclaimer, sand is separated from the rock through the use of a low horsepower Rotary Trommel, which uses spiral flights that keep the material in contact with the screen as it is conveyed and washed. Aggregate material (+3/16″) is then washed and discharged into stockpiles directly from the Trommel. Trommels can be designed to make one, two or three size separations depending on the required specifications.

The remaining sand and cement fractions (-3/16″) go into a pump that pumps the material into a high-efficiency Separator™™. This step separates the sand from the cement fraction. Sand is then discharged onto the ground or onto a high-frequency Dewatering Screen where it can be rinsed and dewatered further. Cement slurry can then be fed into a McLanahan Concrete Washout Water System that dewaters cement fines into dry, stackable cakes and recovers water for reuse in the plant. Alternatively, cement fines can be allowed to settle in conventional settling pits.

Utilizing McLanahan’s Concrete Reclaimers helps producers to more efficiently recover materials and results in lower handling costs. Contact us today to learn how our Concrete Reclaimers can help you become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

For more information on how you can continue dewatering cement fines and recover valuable resources visit our page on our Concrete Washout Water System.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models

  • ¼ yard per minute single, double or three product Reclaimer
  • ½ yard per minute single, double or three product Reclaimer
  • ¾ yard per minute single, double or three product Reclaimer
  • 1 yard per minute single, double or three product Reclaimer
  • Larger sizes also available