MSP Cone Crushers

McLanahan Symons Principle (MSP) Cone Crushers utilize improved factors of performance, which are enhanced by the Symons Principle of crushing, as well as the latest hydraulic features and electrical features. This combination creates a truly modern, efficient, reliable and durable cone crusher that ultimately leads to a faster return on your investment.Technology that makes the MSP Cone Crusher outperform other types of cone crushers includes a balanced eccentric, higher speeds, fulcrum point position and stroke. A balanced eccentric coupled with a fulcrum point ideally placed over the crushing chamber yields highly effective compression crushing, allowing higher eccentric speeds to maximize cone crusher performance without disruptive forces. The eccentric stroke is designed to work with the eccentric speed and fulcrum position to produce higher yields and minimize recirculating loads. The MSP Cone Crusher’s more effective compression crushing also reduces liner wear, which minimizes wear costs, allows higher yields and results in decreased overall cost per ton of finished product.

Several features of the MSP Cone Crusher combine to result in lower operating costs. The patented dust seal system is equipped with an auto greaser and protects the crusher’s dust-sensitive parts, leading to a longer service life, fewer spare parts changes and lower overall maintenance costs. Additionally, all adjustments and operations are fully automated. The easy-to-operate control panel requires no more than one operator, and a wireless remote control is offered, giving plant operators the convenience and freedom to make changes remotely.

MSP Cone Crushers are designed to make your operation run more smoothly and easily, as well as ensuring minimal downtime so that MSP Cone Crushers are more frequently fully operational and processing optimal amounts of material. To enhance the crusher’s life and maintain optimal crushing capacities, an automatic liner change reminder is part of the system. This system is able to track production capacities and calculate the liner wear rate. After wear parts are changed in the MSP Cone Crusher, simply reset the automated reminder system and continue efficient, reliable crushing.

What is the Symons Principle?
In the Symons Principle, each cycle is timed so that the feed material and the upward thrust of the crushing head meet at the moment of maximum impact. Combining the optimum speed of gyration and the large eccentric throw produces two important results. First, the rapidly closing head catches the falling feed material and delivers the extremely high crushing force. Second, on the other side of the chamber, the rapidly receding head allows material to fall freely to the next point of impact or exit the chamber. With the Symons Principle, the MSP Cone Crusher delivers lower recirculating loads at higher tonnage rates with lower maintenance costs.

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