ECOGLASS Optical Sorters

McLanahan produces ECOGLASS Optical Sorters, powered by PICVISA technology, for automated glass sorting. In addition to removing ceramic, stone and porcelain (CSP) impurities, the ECOGLASS Optical Sorter is able to sort based on glass color, heat resistance, and more.A fully automated system, ECOGLASS Optical Sorters completely eliminate the need for manual labor when recycling and sorting glass materials. They are adjustable for different applications, including those from presorted, curbside, single stream or municipal solid waste flow.

Although the ECOGLASS Optical Sorter does not require an operator, when maintenance is required, personnel have easy access to all elements of the system. Parts can be replaced using off-the-shelf spare parts that are available worldwide, and the LED light has a 10-year expected lifetime. The system also utilizes telediagnosis for remote service.

Using a high resolution camera, ECOGLASS Optical Sorters are capable of sorting pieces between 0.1″ (3mm) and 2.3″ (60mm) at processing speeds of 7-10 tons/hour or higher based on input material. The ECOGLASS Optical Sorter is designed with a higher distance between the system and detection plane, keeping it cleaner for longer periods of time. Blowing nozzles every 0.2″ (5mm) ensure a more precise separation and less reject fraction.

Features / Benefits


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