Apron Feeders

McLanahan Apron Feeders are designed for varying applications, from light to severe-duty, that require moving high tonnages of coarse material too severe for other types of feeders. They provide a positive, consistent, forward material flow for a wide variety of applications including mining, quarrying, coal recovery and other mineral processing applications. Variable speed drives provide close control of the feed rate to a crusher or other equipment.

Apron Feeders are engineered to handle the most severe applications and are ruggedly designed for long wear life. The continuous steel belt of the Apron Feeder is made up of overlapping flights, or pans, that are connected to and supported by steel chains with the underside reinforced and designed to withstand impact loading. Both the carrying and returning rollers feature lifetime-lubricated, fully-sealed bearings.

Replaceable segmental sprockets are designed with an odd number of teeth for optimum wear, as well as easy removal and reversing without breaking flight chains. A wide variety of feeder widths and lengths are available. Each model and size is calculated to fit exactly into each customer’s system. For each application, engineers design enclosures and guarding to ensure worker safety.

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Case Studies

Simplot and McLanahan Partner Up to Crush Consistency Problems at Utah Phosphate Mine

Since the mid-1960s, this mine in Vernal, Utah has been producing phosphate for agriculture fertilizer. In 2003, the J.R. Simplot Company became sole owner of the property and formed Simplot Phosphates, LLC. The three key ingredients used in the production of this fertilizer are ammonia, sulfur and phosphate ore. READ MORE