Filter Presses

McLanahan Filter Presses provide customers in the aggregate, coal, mining, concrete, pulp and paper, chemical, and many other industries with a proven technology capable of producing a drip-free cake from concentrates and a wide range of waste material.Customers looking to reduce or eliminate settling/tailings ponds, as well as those unable to receive permitting are often ideal candidates for Filter Presses. Additionally, customers who currently have belt presses, centrifuges or screw presses, but are looking for a better solution that produces a drier product should contact McLanahan about the benefits of this equipment. It can help with reclamation or reduce transportation and disposal costs of waste products.

Unlike the traditional plate and frame press, McLanahan’s Filter Ppress line features either recessed plate or membrane plates, both of which create a chamber for dewatering the slurry without trapping the cakes within the frames. This allows the dewatered cakes to discharge more easily than with traditional plate and frame presses. Recessed plates dewater using hydraulic pressure created from feed pumps, while membrane plates are designed to squeeze the cake once the chamber is full of slurry.

In an effort to provide a safer, simpler and smarter design, McLanahan has engineered its Filter Presses to feature overhead beams and a single piston design. The combination of four tension shafts and a single cylinder results in less horsepower, fewer control valves, and less complexity, all while still isolating the overhead beams from dynamic loads. The overhead beam style results in faster opening and closing for greater production and better cake release, as well as providing larger plate openings for better access for cleaning and maintenance.

Due to the variability in permeability and surface area, each material should be tested prior to the sizing a Filter Press. Other parameters are used for greenfield sites when testing isn’t possible. McLanahan is able to offer both lab and on-site pilot testing. Contact McLanahan today to learn more about our Filter Press testing services.

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Case Studies

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