Flat-Bottom Classifiers/Lites-Out

Lites-Out™™ Classifiers, also known as Flat-Bottom Classifiers, are used to remove light-weight, deleterious materials, such as lignites and organics, from a <4 mesh (5mm) sand product stream. In a typical Lites-Out™ system, a Flat Bottom Classifier is fed by a Cyclone to provide a controlled, dense and deslimed feed.These classifiers are primarily used by aggregate producers in the production of construction sands, but can also be used in specialty sands production, including glass sand and frac sand when organics are present.

Flat-Bottom Classifiers are part of the family of hindered settling classification equipment. Operating on a batch discharge process, the pulse type discharge induces a jigging type action that helps dilate the bed and frees coarser organics to rise through the fluidized bed. Contaminated feed is divided into fine overflow and coarse streams. Lightweight materials overflow with fine sand and are screened to separate the coarse light fraction from the fine sand.

McLanahan has engineered the Lites-Out™ to be extremely effective, while remaining simple to operate. The included control panel allows producers to easily adjust the separation, increasing the set point for a coarser cut or reducing it for a finer cut. The PID loop that controls the valve opening and closing has an auto-tune button, so manual tuning is not required. McLanahan includes a manual globe valve and flow meter with every unit so teeter water can be easily adjusted. For safety, dart valves on the underflow close to reduce the risk of dumping contents in the event of a loss of air/power.

As part of its effort for service and support, McLanahan Corporation provides sink-float testing at its in-house laboratory to evaluate the effectiveness of a Lites-Out™ System for a specific application.

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Case Studies

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