Hammermill Crushers

McLanahan Hammermill Crushers provide superior reduction ratios for a variety of low to medium abrasive materials, including limestone, gypsum, coal, bauxite, phosphate, pet coke, carbon anodes and salt. Design elements, such as rotor speed, hammer type and grate configuration, can be custom engineered for various applications. Hammermills are used as both primary and secondary crushers.Hammermill Crushers are similar to Impact Crushers in the upper chamber where the hammer impacts the feed material, but differ in that the rotor of a Hammermill carries a number of swinging, or pivoting, hammers. They also incorporate grates, which are available in a variety of configurations. When desired, a full complement of grates ensures controlled product sizing as material must be to-size when it passes through the grate to exit the machine.

More information about specific models of McLanahan Hammermills for all industries can be found below in the Equipment Models section.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models

Standard Hammermill Crushers

Standard Hammermill Crushers have been successfully field proven in the aggregate, mining and cement industries. They are designed with a large feed opening, superior impact crushing power, and a high reduction ratio, making them a good choice for single crusher operations. Standard Hammermill Crushers are available with a variety of hammer and grate configurations that can be custom engineered for specific applications.

Centerfeed Hammermill Crushers

Centerfeed Hammermill Crushers offer high production at lower operating costs, as well as extended service life. Producers can change the type of hammers and the shape and location of breaker plates or cage bars, allowing Centerfeed Hammermills to be used to crush, grind, granulate and pulverize materials. This design is ideal for non-abrasive, low silica materials and is recommended for secondary crushing that requires high capacity.

Non-Clog Hammermill Crushers

Non-Clog Hammermill Crushers are engineered with large feed openings and high reduction ratios. They offer primary one-stage reduction, as well as secondary reduction where wet, sticky conditions are present. Designed specifically to accommodate wet, sticky or muck materials, Non-Clog Hammermills are idea for bauxite, cement, fullers earth, and other chemical and mining operations.

HammerMaster Hammermill Crushers

The HammerMaster is a type of hammermill crusher that combines the advantages of impact breaking and milling within a single, high-capacity unit. They feature a 36″ (91.4 cm) hammer circle that helps to generate the high inertia force necessary to produce a high quality cubical product free of flats, slivers and excess fines. This large hammer circle allows for slower rotor speeds and for sized material to pass through grates without excessive grinding. A wide selection of grate sizes and combinations guarantees close product control as material conditions and/or specifications change.

LimeMaster Hammermill Crushers

The LimeMaster is engineered specifically to meet the rigorous task of fine-grinding limestone to meet the needs of the agricultural community and chemical lime industry. The LimeMaster is a dual action crusher that provides an initial pulverizing action in the upper chamber as material rebounds along several impact blocks. Fast moving hammers then sweep material into the lower crushing chamber for precise sizing and product control. Adjustable bearing pads and step-out holes in the rotor assembly add versatility and maintenance-saving features to this crusher. The LimeMaster efficiently and economically produces a finely milled ag-lime or chemical lime, adding profit to producers’ bottom line.


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