Manure Management Systems Design

Today, manure management is one of the most serious issues that dairy farmers face, especially when it comes to meeting regulations and obtaining permits for expansion. McLanahan partners with dairies of all sizes to help them find safer, simpler and smarter ways to handle their manure. Whether the issue is handling sand bedding or separating nutrients and creating clean, reusable water, we are able to custom engineer a system that will improve your dairy’s manure management system.There are three main types of systems available from McLanahan – Sand Separation, Manure-Solid Separation, and Nutrient Separation. Starting at the beginning of the process, McLanahan systems convey manure from the cow to a treatment process, then to storage and, ultimately, to the field. All this is accomplished while minimizing labor requirements and capital expenditures, as well as eliminating negative environmental impacts.

Our Sand Separation Systems utilize proven sand-processing technology, recovering sand that is suitable for re-use within days and leaving minimal amounts of fine sand in the separated manure effluent. By utilizing certain types of sand, producers will be able to reclaim 90+ percent of their sand.

Liquid-solid separation is the next step in simplifying manure handling. In this part of the system, manure fibers are separated from the liquids. This makes liquids easier to pump, which lowers hauling cost. Separated fibers present a lower risk for run-off and can be hauled to distant fields more economically.

The Nutrient Separation System has been designed to reduce the cost and liability associated with manure management, and to maximize on the value of nutrients and water. At its basic level, the system is able to separate and concentrate nutrients, allowing for application where and when they are needed. Separated water can be land irrigated, re-used or even discharged.

All McLanahan systems come with a conceptual layout of the system footprint. Our engineering staff offers certified P.E. drawings and consultations, and our field technicians are available around the clock for system start-ups and troubleshooting. There is not a one-size fits all solution for manure management, so we offer Manure Solutions to meet all herd sizes, desired recovery and facility management routines. Contact us today to learn how you can make your manure handling system safer, simpler and smarter.

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