Material Recycler

The Material Recycler separates solid waste materials such as mixtures of fines, wood, aggregate, plastic, stones, glass and other waste materials. Whether you are looking to separate materials based on density, clean heavy and light materials, reduce trucking by removing fines, or produce sellable products, the Material Recycler can work for your application.Utilizing a combination of screening, air separation and flotation systems, the Material Recycler is capable of separating multiple materials using one compact machine. Material is fed onto a feeder screen that handles the first separation by screening out overs and dry fines. In the next step, plastic, paper and lighter materials are separated using air with an electronic variable speed and flow control. The main waste material is then sent to a floatation system that separates and removes material based on five adjustment settings.

The Material Recycler comes with an automatic self-cleaning feature for the removal of sediment from the waste tank. This feature is on a timer that can be adjusted to suit the waste material. Automated cleaning not only makes operation simpler, but it also eliminates manual cleaning by an operator. The Material Recycler is fully enclosed so that workers are not exposed to moving parts; however, bearings are mounted externally to make any needed maintenance safely accessible.

Fully automated, the Material Recycler requires no operator. It was built with three electronic frequency drives, one windshifter and two floating systems. With all these features designed into one machine, sites are able to reduce their environmental footprint and promote site sustainability with low water and electrical consumption. Additionally, the Material Recycler can work in any kind of mobile or stationary installation following a conveyor belt, screen, trommel, impact crusher, jaw crusher or hopper.

A truly unique concept, the Material Recycler is protected by U.S. and foreign patents.

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