Nutrient Separation Systems

McLanahan is committed to improving the social and environmental sustainability of the dairy industry, while also reducing the cost and liability associated with manure management. The McLanahan Nutrient Separation System is engineered as a flexible and robust process that is tailored to meet each producer’s goals and objectives.Recognizing that each dairy is different, McLanahan’s Nutrient Separation System provides the optimum solution that maximizes the value of nutrients and water. By separating and concentrating nutrients, this system allows application where and when they are needed. Separated clean water can be land irrigated, re-used or even discharged into a water source.

So what does the Nutrient Separation System separate from the manure stream?

  • Concentrated organic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer (slurry or stackable form)
  • Concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (liquid)
  • Concentrated potassium fertilizer (liquid)
  • Clean water

Just like McLanahan’s Sand-Manure Separation Systems, the company’s system for separating nutrients and producing clean water is designed to be safer, simpler and smarter. The Nutrient Separation System uses proven treatment technologies to separate nutrients from the manure stream and control odor. By removing water and concentrating the nutrients, there is less water to haul to fields, greatly reducing road hauling issues and material handling costs.

A mechanically driven system, it requires minimal operator interface. McLanahan conducted extensive testing and research to ensure that each Nutrient Separation System can be customized to a producer’s nutrient management plan. Those with existing Sand Separation Systems will also find the Nutrient Separation System simple to integrate into the existing technology.

The challenges and regulations in today’s tough marketplace require producers to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable. The McLanahan Nutrient Separation System allows dairies to do more with their valued manure stream. For more on how this tested and proven technology can economically benefit your operation, contact McLanahan today.

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