Pug Mill Mixers/Road Base Mixers

Pug Mill Mixers, also known as Road Base Mixers, help producers to blend and mix various products.Pug Mills are used in an extremely wide variety of industries and applications. These can include cement, chemical, fertilizer production, food manufacturing, municipalities, pharmaceutical production, power plants, steel mills, brick manufacturing, coal handling, road-based material handling, sewage treatment, tailings management and waste materials management.

Due to the extensive number of applications that Pug Mills are designed for, they must be able to ensure safety in all industries and simplicity for all operators, regardless of industry. To ensure safety, top covers on all Pug Mill Mixers are equipped with safety switches to contain the feed material within the mill and to prevent personnel access during operation. This is especially important if the machine is processing hot or acidic feeds.

Each Pug Mill is equipped with feed inlets and discharge outlets customized to fit an operator’s specifications. This reduces the need to create custom chute work and allows for easy replacement in existing applications. McLanahan Pug Mill Mixers also come equipped with renewable, bolt-on paddle shafts that can be individually replaced. Paddle shaft bearings are mounted outboard to reduce the need to perform maintenance inside the mixer box.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models


The Blendmaster is McLanahan’s medium-duty Pug Mill Mixer. It wets down materials for disposal, controls fine blast furnace dust in a water mixture and blends road base materials. The Blendmaster is V-belt driven by two motors that are top or side mounted on adjustable base plates. Variable speed drives are available and can be located at either the feed or discharge ends.


The Coalmaster efficiently blends varieties of coal with fuel oil to increase bulk density and BTU value. It can also mix coal with other liquids, such as a wetting agent, to produce a controlled slurry. This Pug Mill design is capable of doing the same job as larger machines while utilizing less horsepower. Paddles are designed to be intermeshing and facilitate better mixing and blending capabilities.


The Pugmaster is McLanahan’s heavy-duty Pug Mill Mixer. It effectively blends dust with various liquids to allow for transport without particulate matter escaping into the atmosphere. Drives on the Pugmaster feature a heavy-duty gear reducer equipped with taconite seals and flexible shaft type couplings to connect the reducer to the timing gears. Intermeshing paddles allow for a vigorous mixing action.


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