Roll Presses

Used in series with a Liquid Solid Separator, McLanahan Roll Presses further reduce the moisture content of solid fibers removed from the manure stream.A Roll Press is typically fed with separated manure fibers from the Rotary Drum containing about 88 percent moisture. It is then able to further reduce the moisture content to 70-80 percent.

McLanahan Roll Presses are low HP and low speed. They are simple to operate and maintain. The simple clutch system on the top drive pulls tramp material through the drums to minimize plugging and stalling.

For safety, these units are fully enclosed and shielded. A grease bank is located on one side of the machine to allow lubrication of all bearings and pivot points from one location without removing any guards.

Features / Benefits


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Case Studies

Car-Min-Vu Dairy Stays on Cutting Edge of Manure Management With Sand-Manure Separating System

Chad Minnis of Car-Min-Vu Dairy in Webberville, Mich. had a vision of slow, steady growth for his family’s long-time dairy operation. Following his 1995 graduation from Michigan State University, Minnis returned to the 60-cow dairy to initiate that growth. Today, Car-Min-Vu is more than 10 times the original size, farming on roughly 2,000 acres, with more than 950 total cows, and over 850 of those cows in prime milking condition.   READ MORE