Rotary Breakers and GDAMs

McLanahan Rotary Breakers are among the most suitable pieces of equipment for scalping off undesirable materials and performing size reduction in a single operation. Predominately used in the coal industry, these machines also separate cryolite from spent carbon anodes in the aluminum industry and break down raw oil sands.Rotary Breakers have the ability to accept large feed sizes, process material at high capacities and offer a wide range of product sizes. The tumbling action of the rotating drum lifts and drops feed material repeatedly until the material breaks down and exits the drum through perforations in the screen plate. The rock and refuse then continue to move through the machine and are rejected at the discharge end.

Designed to be durable, low maintenance machines, Rotary Breakers are both safe and simple to operate. The low operating speed and horsepower requirement make Rotary Breakers economical to operate and easy to maintain. When maintenance is required, inspection doors in the fabricated steel, sectionalized dust housing, which covers the breaker cylinder, allow easy access, and the optional inching drive offers a safer means of rotating the cylinder. Centrally banked lubrication lines allow an operator to lubricate all bearings from one location.

As part of the manufacturing process, the entire cylinder portion of the Rotary Breaker is machined on a large lathe to ensure the drum is perfectly concentric. This eliminates any chances of wobble or vibration during operation. Screen plates are installed in an overlapping fashion to protect the cylinder beams and provide additional structural support. Chute work at the feed and discharge ends ensures a smooth transition of material in and out of the cylinder.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models

Standard-Duty Rotary Breakers

Standard-Duty Rotary Breakers are designed for feed material with lower amounts of hard rock and refuse. It incorporates fewer cylinder beams with wider screen plates, a single discharge plow and lighter-duty dust housing.

Heavy-Duty Rotary Breakers

Heavy-Duty Rotary Breakers are meant to withstand primary applications with feed material that contains large amounts of hard rock and refuse. It is designed with narrower screen plates and additional beams for an extra rigid cylinder needed for tougher applications and features two discharge plows to reject increased amounts of refuse. The Heavy-Duty Rotary Breaker dust housing includes an AR steel-lined product chute.

Aluminum Breaker or Gravity Discharge Autogenous Mill (GDAM™)

A variation of the Rotary Breaker that is used in the aluminum industry, the GDAM™ tumbles spent carbon anode to free cryolite from aluminum pots. It is used to remove foreign materials and aluminum from potline bath material and to provide a uniform size quality product ready to be reintroduced into the pots. Typically, screen plating in a GDAM™ has smaller perforations, as well as closure bars to fill gaps between the screen plates, eliminating the risk of unwanted, larger pieces of feed material passing into the product stream. The GDAM™ is designed with tapered lifter ends that allow material to flow in either direction and operates on a timed, forward and reversed batch process.


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