Rotary Trommel Screens

Rotary Trommel Screens utilize a continuous tumbling action to size and separate feed material in the municipal waste, industrial and mining industries. Each machine is perfectly concentric, eliminating undue vibration or wobble, and machined on one of the largest horizontal lathes in the United States.As the cylindrical drum of a Rotary Trommel Screen rotates, raw feed material is lifted on shelves until it nears the top of the drum. Material then falls, tumbling onto itself and the material at the bottom of the drum. This action helps to break down softer materials, as well as separating different types of materials. As the tumbling continues, smaller pieces filter through holes in the screen plating, while larger material continues along the length of the cylinder to discharge from the end.

This tumbling action to size and separate is beneficial for a variety of customers including those looking to recover metallics after incineration, to reclaim wood chips in sewage sludge composting, for accurate size separation of difficult to screen materials, in municipal solids waste and resource recovery, and to separate and wash ores, rock, and other fine materials.

McLanahan manufacturing techniques guarantee that Rotary Trommel Screens are simple to operate. The design is also intended to be safer for operators. Specially designed safety features include sectionalized cylinder covers with inspection doors, optional mast system to remove screen panels, optional inching drives, and a cylinder jacking and brake system for maintenance periods.

To serve many industries and applications, McLanahan Rotary Trommel Screens are offered with various types of screen media that have a variety of perforation sizes. For units that are larger than 10′ (3 m) in diameter, McLanahan creates a finite element analysis of a design prior to manufacturing to ensure the best design for a customer.

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Case Studies

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