Cross Belt Samplers

Producers who need to show customers that they are serious about the consistency of their product should look no further than McLanahan’s Cross Belt Sampler. A highly reliable system that can extract samples from a wide variety of industries, the Cross Belt Sampler can be used for materials such as coal, concentrates, ores, metallurgical and petroleum coke, sand, stone, gravel, salt, bauxite, lignite, wood pellets and other wood products, potash, biomass, and various other bulk materials.

Cross Belt Sampling Systems can be used with bulk material products to identify and verify the quality or composition of a material as it is shipped, received or utilized in a process. They are an automatic and economical way to easily, safely and accurately collect samples from a moving conveyor belt. A rotating counter-weighed sample cutter moves in a 360 degree rotation perpendicular to the material flow above a conveyor. Sample material is extracted from the moving conveyor during this rotation and is then released into the sample discharge area.

Using a Cross Belt Sampler increases employee safety by eliminating the need for someone to manually grab samples. It also saves time and money by keeping a conveyor on the move. This heavy-duty design can be operated autonomously or by an operator present to control the system. Designed with MSHA compliant guarding, all major components are easily accessible when maintenance is needed.

With nearly 40 years of experience, McLanahan is capable of providing various sizes and configurations of Cross Belt Sampling Systems based on customer requirements. Each Cross Belt Sampling System is custom engineered to exceed customer expectations.

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