Sand Lane Clean-Up System

Sand Lane Clean-Up Systems are a low-cost solution for cleaning and dewatering sand recovered from a sand lane or settling system. Producers who utilize sand lanes often spend time and energy turning and moving sand piles to reduce drying times and inventory. The Sand Lane Clean-Up System addresses these issues, saving money by minimizing sand management; producing cleaner, dryer sand; and ultimately reducing sand inventory up to 75 percent.The Sand Lane Clean-Up System consists of mining-duty equipment that includes a hopper, Inclined Auger and Dewatering Screen. Sand drying time is cut without the addition of water. A front loader is all that is needed to feed material from the sand lane into the Sand Lane Clean-Up System. With minimal effort, sand can be scooped from a sand lane and dumped directly into the system, which removes over 50 percent of the water, leaving you with a dryer, cleaner sand product. The system requires very little operator interaction.

Although McLanahan Corporation always takes the time to evaluate each customer’s needs to ensure solutions are optimized for their dairy, the Sand Lane Clean-Up System is fairly standard for each customer with different sizes depending on tonnage requirements. This allows for quick delivery, as well as simple installation and start-up. Contact us today to learn how you can improve the quality of your recycled sand.

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