Sand Manager® Classifying Tanks

Sand Manager® Classifying Tanks provide a simple way to remove excess water and slimes or undesirable grain sizes from natural or crushed sand feeds. They are typically used to classify sand for most construction specifications by removing an excess of certain intermediate mesh sizes to retain finer mesh sizes and/or make multiple products from a single feed material.Sand classification is based on the settling rate of various grain sizes. As water and material enter the feed end of the Sand Manager® Classifying Tank, coarse sand grains settle first and finer grains settle in successive sizes down the length of the tank.

Hydraulic controls at the top of a Classifying Tank operate discharge valves at the bottom of the tank. One, two or three discharge valves are at each station, depending on the type of control system and the product(s) produced. When the discharge valve opens, sand is directed to a two or three-way divided collecting flume and then to the associated dewatering equipment.

A touch-screen operating system with a programmable logic controller allows an operator to make changes to the Sand Manager® Classifying Tank’s valve opening cycles, adjusting for varying product specifications. Wear parts such as valve seats and discharge elbows are quickly changed and made from wear-resistant polyurethane.

When maintenance is required, McLanahan has designed the Sand Manager® Classifying Tank to include a full-length access bridge/walkway at the top of the tank. Under the walkway deck is a control enclosure, designed to house the solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinders that control the discharge valves. A flat bottom in this area ensures safe maintenance and prevents components and tools from falling into the tank area.

Features / Benefits

  • Utilizes high pressure hydraulic hoses for safety purposes and ease of maintenance
  • Collecting flumes are heavy-duty with wide channels and specially designed elbows to help minimize splashing
  • Available in portable and semi-portable plants with Fine Material Double Screw Washers


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