Sand-Manure Separators (SMS)

Sand-Manure Separators (SMS) produce a clean, recyclable product that can be used for bedding dairy cows, as well as producing a nearly sand-free manure effluent. An SMS is most often placed in a Sand Separation System for dairy producers who want to avoid the challenges traditionally associated with handling sand and manure.McLanahan Sand Manure Separators convey, wash and separate materials by utilizing a screw shaft at an inclined angle. As material is conveyed toward the discharge end, the liquid manure begins to separate from the sand. Utilizing this method, producers are able to capture 80 to 90 percent of sand depending on sand size and water quality. Higher recovery is possible when used with a Hydrocyclone.

No full-time operator is required to turn sand-laden manure into clean, recycled sand with the SMS. Using a Sand-Manure Separator also eliminates the need for producers to enter pits or confined spaces to access settled sand. It reduces, or even eliminates, exposure to harmful manure gases.

McLanahan Sand-Manure Separators can be operated in conjunction with anaerobic digester systems without substantial difficulties. Anaerobic digestion systems require very high sand removal and any sand bypass can become problematic. McLanahan has been successfully operating SMS Systems with anaerobic digesters for years.

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Case Studies

Car-Min-Vu Dairy Stays on Cutting Edge of Manure Management With Sand-Manure Separating System

Chad Minnis of Car-Min-Vu Dairy in Webberville, Mich. had a vision of slow, steady growth for his family’s long-time dairy operation. Following his 1995 graduation from Michigan State University, Minnis returned to the 60-cow dairy to initiate that growth. Today, Car-Min-Vu is more than 10 times the original size, farming on roughly 2,000 acres, with more than 950 total cows, and over 850 of those cows in prime milking condition.   READ MORE

Dutch-Made Expands, Grows Business With Sand-Manure Separation System

In 2008, Dutch Made Holsteins dairy owner Martin Vanderstappen expanded his operation, adding a new barn and parlor. He now oversees more than 450 cows, each producing about 95 pounds of milk per day on the Lake Geneva, Wis. property. READ MORE

Prairieland Doubles In Size With Sand-Manure Separator

Prairieland Dairy, located in Belleville, Wis., had been using sand bedding successfully for over a decade when in 2011, they decided to expand their dairy operation from 750 to 1500 cows.   READ MORE

SwissLane Dairy Teams With McLanahan Corporation to Foster Strong Community Relations, Environmental Sustainability

When Fredrick Oesch founded SwissLane Dairy in Alto, Mich., on 91 acres in 1915, his family farm was “out in the country,” and the concept of being a good community neighbor was one that was often taken for granted. READ MORE