Sorting Stations

McLanahan is capable of providing Sorting Stations to companies needing to sort recyclable products from one stream into various products. These Sorting Stations make it simple to separate all types of recyclable materials, while eliminating unwanted debris from the stream.The system feeds material into a bunker that then meters out onto an inclined conveyor from which point material is either screened or conveyed directly to a picking or sorting station. Material is then manually sorted by personnel of the sorting facility. Not manually sorting on the ground enhances site safety by allowing employees to be more aware of materials they are sorting, such as potentially hazardous or sharp materials.

Engineered with stop and start cords through the system, McLanahan Sorting Stations allow employees to simply pull a cord to stop, and then pull again to start. This makes operations simple by saving operators from going to a control panel every time they need to start or stop the system. Additionally, the system is set-up to meter the material flow, making the picking process easier.

McLanahan Sorting Stations are designed for use in single stream recycling, municipal solid waste, green waste and for construction demolition debris. They can also be integrated into an existing system.

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