McLanahan produces a line of Thickeners – or Clarifiers, depending on the application – that can be used to recover immediately reusable process water, as well as extracting fines and other materials. Thickeners can be used by mineral and aggregate producers, as well as by environmental contractors in industries such as wastewater management.The benefits of Thickeners can vary from user to user depending on the producer’s needs and the industry. For instance, Thickeners can be used in locations where water is in short supply or very expensive, providing immediately reusable process water back to the plant. They can also be used to reduce the size or possibly eliminate settling ponds. In some industries, they are used as Clarifiers to remove minerals and fines from water.

McLanahan producers various models based on each customer’s specific processing including High-Rate and High-Density Thickeners, as well as Paste Thickeners.

Equipment Models

High-Rate Thickeners

High-Rate Thickeners are generally sized based on hindered settling velocity. They typically have lower sidewalls and lower sludge densities than other types of Thickeners.

Paste Thickeners

Paste Thickeners are generally sized on free settling velocity and sludge retention time. They are built with tall tanks and produce extremely dense underflows with little to no further free water drainage.


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Case Studies

Stevens Creek Quarry Eliminates Settling Pond Problems Once And For All With McLanahan Filter Press

For decades, workers at Stevens Creek Quarry dreaded the monthly need to drain and clean out the quarry’s settling pond for its excess slurry tailings. Every 30 to 45 days, the entire operation had to shut down for up to eight days while the pond was cleaned, costing up to $80,000 each cleaning. READ MORE

Types of Thickeners/Clarifiers