Trommels With Bag Breakers

McLanahan Trommels with Bag Breakers eliminate the need for manual bag openers and are ideal for use in municipal solid waste and various contaminated co-mingled applications.Material is fed to Trommels with Bag Breakers via a conveyor or feeder to achieve an even flow rate. Large, counter-rotating drums then open the bags and release contents, which are discharged from the bottom of the machine. McLanahan Trommels with Bag Breakers are capable of processing material without damaging commodities. These fully automated Trommels with Bag Breakers offer adjustability for different materials. They are designed to be fully enclosed, which increases safety and reduces employees’ dust exposure.

McLanahan offers the most efficient, lowest maintenance Trommel with Bag Breaker design available for the recycling and waste industries.

Features / Benefits


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Case Studies

Edmonton Moves Toward 90% Diversion With Help of Rotary Trommels

The City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada began its recycling efforts in 1986 with their first curbside recycling pilot program. Over the years, the program has increased so that today the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) covers 550 acres. READ MORE