Ultra Fines Recovery Systems

McLanahan understands that producers need to do more with their resources. The Ultra Fines Recovery System, or UFR, helps producers do just that by extracting as many fines as possible from water before sending it to a pond or further processing. It provides a cost effective way to recover nominally +400 mesh (38 micron) fines as a conveyable, stackable product for industries including sand, coal recovery, ash, industrial sands, frac sand, and more.Field-proven equipment, including a Dewatering Screen, Sump, Pump and small diameter Cyclones/Separators™™, make up McLanahan’s Ultra Fines Recovery Systems. Requiring no additional flocculant or chemicals, UFRs provide the finest size fraction recovery available without the use of chemicals. This saves producers money when dealing with ponds by sending less tons per hour of fines into the pond every day. It is also an ideal system for producers who face strict permitting requirements and have limited land resources.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models

The following pieces of equipment can be used in the creation of Ultra Sand Plants. Please click the equipment for more information.


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