Recycling & Waste Management

From C&D recycling to complete material recovery facilities (MRFs), McLanahan custom engineers process solutions to help waste handling companies on their path to 100% diversion. Since 1835, McLanahan has been providing materials processing facilities with solutions to help them do more with their resources, and the company is excited to have expanded their product offerings to the waste management and recycling industries. Below are upcoming trade shows where you can talk to our industry experts, or for more immediate assistance, please contact us via the Connect Now button.

Equipment Spotlight – Optical Sorters

McLanahan produces two lines of optical sorters – the ECOPACK and the ECOGLASS – both of which are powered by PICVISA technology. Optical Sorters are able to sort products based on several factors, such as composition and color. Completely automated, they eliminate the need for any manual sorting of materials. When maintenance is required, the system is easily accessible and off-the-shelf spare parts are available worldwide.

Click here for more on the ECOPACK, which is capable of removing contaminants and color sorting plastics; PVC removal of RDF flow; separation of film; separation of multilayer products; and sorting paper and cardboard.

Click here for more on the ECOGLASS, which is capable of removing ceramic, stone and porcelain impurities, while sorting glass based on color, heat resistance and more.

Click here to view our complete line of equipment for Recycling and Waste Management.

Equipment Spotlight – Ballistic Separators

Ballistic Separators separate 2-D materials, such as paper, from 3-D materials, such as bottles, cans, etc. Capable of achieving a three fraction split in one machine, they are often used in industries such as municipal solid waste, single stream recycling, commercial industrial waste, plastic sorting, RDF, and more. Ballistic Separators are completely enclosed, meaning less exposure to both dust and noise. They are fully automated and feature simple, adjust-on-the-fly technology to change the speed and pitch of the ballistic deck for different materials.


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