bauma 2019

Event Information
Apr 8-14, 2019 Location: Munich, Germany Booth: FN.1019/8 Industry: Aggregates

The World's Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material and Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment.

McLanahan Launching UltraWASH at bauma 2019

McLanahan will launch their latest equipment line at bauma 2019. The McLanahan Modular Wash Plants are assembled from containerized washing modules and produce up to five different products, including three clean aggregate and two washed sand fractions. With shorter lead times than stationary plants, Modular Wash Plants arrive on-site almost fully assembled in containerized modules. The modules are quick to set up and easy to assemble, so you can begin production almost immediately.  

McLanahan will feature the UltraWASH Modular Plant in their booth at bauma. This will give both customers and potential equipment dealers their first chance to see the equipment up close.   

Team Attending

Team Member
Cory Jenson
Cory Jenson Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development Email Cory Jenson
Team Member Craig Dewsnap Managing Director UK Email Craig Dewsnap
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Mark Krause 2
Mark Krause Managing Director North America Email Mark Krause
Team Member
Tom Kiern
Tom Keirn Regional Sales Manager Email Tom Keirn
Team Member
John Best
John Best Product Group Manager Email John Best
Team Member
Matt Lear
Matthew Lear Regional Sales Manager Email Matthew Lear
Team Member
Courtney Barrett
Courtney Barrett Managing DIrector Latin America Email Courtney Barrett
Team Member
Scott Obrien
Scott O'Brien Global Director Process Engineering Email Scott O'Brien
Team Member
Neill Rowland
Neill Rowland Sales Development Engineer Email Neill Rowland
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Patrick Rockwell
Patrick Rockwell Intergrated Systems Engineering Manager Email Patrick Rockwell
Team Member Saibal Bhaduri Assistant Chief - Sales & Marketing, India Email Saibal Bhaduri
Team Member Mark Russell Sales Manager Email Mark Russell
Team Member Neil Treseder Sales Specialist Email Neil Treseder