As both producers and consumers of bulk material products strive to maintain strict quality standards, the focus on precisely and accurately collecting representative samples for analysis becomes increasingly important. Sampling is the process of selecting material representative of the whole to evaluate the final product. 

Auger Sampling Systems

McLanahan Auger Sampling Systems are used to collect a material sample from a transport vehicle. McLanahan manufactures a variety of sizes of Auger Sampling Systems to fit a wide range of applications and industries, including coal, coke, bauxite, sand, wood products and other bulk materials.

Falling Stream Sampling Systems

Falling Stream Sampling System

McLanahan Falling Stream Sampling Systems are designed to intercept material as it falls from a conveyor. Falling Stream Sampling Systems can be used for coal, lignite, gravel and other material, but it is best used in high-flow applications.

Falling Stream Sampling Systems  I  Vezin Samplers

Multi-Stage Sampling Systems

McLanahan Multi-Stage Sampling Systems are used to gather smaller samples from larger ones in a variety of industries. These systems help both producers and consumers verify the product they ship or receive meets contract requirements.

Cross Belt Sampling Systems

Cross Belt Sampling System

McLanahan Cross Belt Sampling Systems can collect a sample from a moving conveyor belt. Rotating cutters extract the material from the flow and release it to the sample discharge area. These systems can be beneficial in many industries and a variety of materials.

Sampling Crushers

McLanahan engineers an entire line of sample crushing equipment designed for sampling systems or applications with low feed rates. McLanahan Sampling/Pilot Plant Crushers are suited for a wide variety of material in many industries.

Sample Preparation Equipment

Sample Preparation Equipment

To facilitate the processing of sample material, McLanahan designed a line of Sample Preparation Equipment. These systems allow producers to efficiently and precisely reduce particles offline.

More About Sampling

Many contract documents require bulk materials with specific physical characteristics or blends of several bulk materials of differing physical characteristics. Producers utilize sampling to be sure that the product they ship will meet contract requirements without the potential for financial loss due to the shipment of product that exceeds contract requirements. Conversely, customers utilize sampling to verify that the product they receive meets contract requirements and to minimize the potential of overpayment for subpar product. In situations where large quantities of material are exchanged, and/or are exchanged frequently, the economic impact to an organization can be significant.

Sampling can help the producer take initial stock of the source of supply, control the product at the source of supply, control the operations at the site of use and accept or reject the materials. 

Why McLanahan Sampling Systems

McLanahan Sampling Systems have been successfully used in a variety of industries for almost 40 years. They are designed to precisely and accurately collect consistent samples for quality analysis with minimal operator interaction. They eliminate the need for manual sampling in potentially hazardous areas and allow operators to collect samples remotely. McLanahan Sampling Systems improve the quality control of the bulk materials that are produced, as well as eliminate any potential sample collection bias. 

McLanahan Sampling Systems help clients show they are serious about the consistency of their products – either shipped or received. All sampling systems are designed to offer the best possible solution to a potentials client’s sampling application, while meeting or exceeding sampling standards set forth by important standards organizations, such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ISO and many others. McLanahan Sampling Systems ensure that the producer is shipping the quality of product specified in the buyer’s agreement and that the customer is receiving the quality of product they are expecting. 

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