Research & Development

McLanahan is a leader in many industries because of the innovative solutions we provide. We design and manufacture machines we know will be of the most value to our customers in the field and will help them achieve their desired production results.

McLanahan’s dedicated Strategic Innovations Team has a vast knowledge and a wealth of expertise developing solutions that will benefit our customers in the best possible way. They are constantly researching new and inventive solutions to ensure our equipment meets your needs. The team looks at ways to create safer handling and maintenance practices, simpler operating procedures and machines to increase your efficiency. Each piece of McLanahan equipment is designed to give you peace of mind by requiring minimal maintenance, while giving your operation maximum profitability.

Prior to being introduced to the industry, equipment goes through McLanahan Corporation’s research and development process to ensure it is the right fit for their customers’ needs and that it meets or surpasses industry standards. We want to be sure our products do exactly what we say they will when they get to your operation. 

Part of the research and development process involves conceptualizing standard designs to provide a low-cost, rapidly available option that customers can put to work in their operation right away. Rather than custom engineering a solution, the customer can choose from predesigned configurable designs that they can immediately visualize and that McLanahan can immediately begin to manufacture. They don’t have to wait through a design and approval process, and actual site build time is minimal. This offering allows the customer to receive McLanahan’s industry proven equipment more quickly and see a faster return on investment. It also allows them to receive a lower-cost solution to meet their needs.

Another part of the research and development process involves the Strategic Innovations Team coming up with clever ways of doing things that others in the industry just aren’t doing. These include helpful features and/or additions that make the customer’s life easier.

Recent innovations include McLanahan’s Duplex Thermocouple Insert, which provides the ability to monitor the temperature inside a Slurry Pump, and McLanahan’s Hydrosizers™, which offer the ability to separate minerals by size, density or shape.

Much of the research and development done at McLanahan is completed in our research laboratory in Hollidaysburg (Pa.) or our dedicated test facility in Alton (UK) — each constantly and extensively updated to test new concepts and future designs. Other research and development has been done in partnership with customers to customize a piece of equipment to optimize their specific application requirements. 

McLanahan has been designing and manufacturing industry proven equipment for more than 180 years, and we are always updating our technologies to meet the needs of our customers. If you want to experience how the Strategic Innovations Team’s well-researched and innovative solutions can benefit your operation, contact McLanahan today.