From mine face to eliminating tailings ponds, McLanahan provides solutions for both surface and underground coal mining in all aspects of the operation. The company offers a full range of feeding, crushing and sampling equipment, as well as washing and dewatering systems that can remove impurities and increase the heating value of your coal. 



After coal is mined, it needs to be transported to and conveyed through a processing plant to prepare it for shipment and sale. McLanahan’s line of Feeders can move coal from one aspect of the processing plant to another. They feed material at a rate that matches the capacity of a crusher or conveyor belt. McLanahan also offers Feeders that are capable of sampling, testing and storing the coal at various stages of the operation. Using vast industry knowledge spanning more than a hundred years, McLanahan Feeders can handle the toughest jobs in the coal industry while providing simple maintenance and repair.



McLanahan specializes in a variety of crushing solutions to reduce ROM coal to a transportable and marketable top size. McLanahan crushers can take the coal producer through all stages of crushing process, from initial reduction in the primary stage to further reduction and refinement in the secondary and tertiary stages, all while minimizing the generation of dust and fines. Employing the basic reduction principles, McLanahan crushers reduce coal at maximum volume using  compression, impact, attrition and shear forces. Crushers engineered by McLanahan consume less power and are able to reduce coal with minimal wear on the machine. 

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McLanahan offers a variety of screening solutions to separate coal into products according to their size. The screens employ tumbling or vibrating actions to size and separate the coal. The larger coal particles remain on the screen for further processing, while the smaller coal particle fall through the openings in the screen media. McLanahan’s screening equipment can be used to create various final products, discard refuse material and minimize the generation of fines.

Feeders  I  MD Vibratory Screens  I  Vibratory Screens

Washing and Classifying

To remove dirt, ash, sulfur, rock, and other materials or impurities on ROM coal, McLanahan offers washing equipment that liberates this deleterious material, increasing the heating value of the coal. Removing these impurities increases the quality of the coal and its efficiency, as well as its price. It also reduces the coal’s overall mass, which in turn reduces shipping costs and provides the end user with a coal product that is easier to handle. McLanahan’s classifying equipment offers producers a way to size their coal according to settling velocity, as well as remove the deleterious material in the slurry.

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McLanahan’s line of Mechanical Sampling Systems allow coal producers to monitor the quality of their raw coal, refuse and clean coal at various stages of processing by automatically extracting a sample from a moving conveyor at timed sequences as specified by the operator. This allows producers to measure the ash, moisture, sulfur and other elemental contents of their coal to ensure they are shipping a consistent, quality product. Automated sampling ensures producers are meeting or exceeding standards set forth by international sampling organizations like the American Society for Testing and Minerals (ASTM).

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McLanahan dewatering equipment can remove surface moisture from coal, increasing the heating value of the coal and decreasing costs associated with hauling water-laden coal. Dewatering equipment from McLanahan can also deslime the coal by removing the super fine particles that may be high in ash, sulfur and surface moisture. McLanahan dewatering equipment can also remove moisture from fine coal refuse before it is disposed, and reclaim the water for reuse. Using McLanahan’s field-proven dewatering equipment can help coal producers minimize the size of their settling pond or eliminate it altogether.

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Tailings Management

Tailings Management

With many environmental regulations in place that affect the coal industry, coal producers can turn to McLanahan to help meet those regulations, as well as other permitting issues, for a solution to manage their tailings. McLanahan equipment can reduce the amount of fine coal waste that is destined for the settling pond or gob pile by converting it into a dry, drip-free product that is safer and easier to handle. In some cases, these tailings can be repurposed as a saleable product. McLanahan equipment can also help coal producers struggling with an insufficient water supply reclaim their existing process water for reuse.

Dewatering Screens  I  Filter Presses  I  Hydrocyclones  I  Screw Washers  I  Slurry Pumps  I  Thickeners  I  Vibratory Screens


Coal producers can create final products from two or more coal types using McLanahan’s mixing/blending solutions. Specifically, McLanahan offers mixing/blending equipment that allows producers to blend coal with fuel oil to increase BTU value and bulk density, or mixed with other liquids to create a slurry that can be used as fuel to power turbines, engines and boilers. As with the company’s other equipment solutions, McLanahan’s mixing/blending equipment offer ease of operation and simplified maintenance.

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More About the Coal Industry

Coal is a fossil fuel formed by the decomposition of organic materials that have been subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years to form coal seams. It is a combustible, sedimentary, organic rock composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Extracted from the ground through underground or surface mining, coal is far more plentiful than either oil or gas. Not only can it be used to provide electricity, coal is also an essential fuel for steel and cement production, as well as other industrial activities.

Why McLanahan

With more than 180 years of experience in creating mineral processing solutions, McLanahan has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your coal preparation plant is designed to meet your particular application’s requirements.

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