C&D Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) recycling is the practice of salvaging, recycling and reusing materials and debris generated during construction, renovation and demolition of roads, bridges and buildings. McLanahan Corporation produces the equipment needed for all steps of the C&D recycling process, including solutions for crushing, pre-sizing, sorting, screening and contaminant elimination.

C&D materials often contain bulky, heavy materials, such as concrete, asphalt, wood, glass, metals and other salvaged building components. Asphalt, concrete and rubble are often recycled into aggregate or new asphalt and concrete products as part of the C&D recycling process, while wood can be recycled into engineered-wood products, as well as mulch, compost and others. Metals, including steel, copper and brass, are valuable commodities that can be recycled and resold.

C&D waste recycling saves contractors money by minimizing both purchase and disposal costs for material. Additionally, C&D recycling is a sustainable method for minimizing the need to extract and consume virgin resources, as well as reducing the amount of material being sent to landfills.


McLanahan offers a wide range of crushing solutions to process large C&D materials (such as concrete and asphalt) into smaller, recyclable products. C&D crushing systems typically start with primary jaws, cones and/or large impactors. The process can then include a variety of secondary crushing equipment to reach the final desired product. McLanahan can provide a solution for each stage of the crushing process to help C&D recycling applications meet production requirements. 

Types of Crushers for C&D Recycling


For delivering material to crushers or conveyors, McLanahan offers various types of Feeders. Utilizing rollers, vibrating, reciprocating plates or moving apron pans, these Feeders are designed to meter C&D material at a rate and capacity to match that of the equipment they’re feeding.  

Types of Feeders for C&D Recycling


Screening and sizing solutions from McLanahan provide precise particle separation for both dry and wet processing. From pre-screening material, to rinsing and sizing the final product, to dewatering lightweight trash removed from the feed, McLanahan Screens can be used during all stages of the C&D recycling process.

Types of Screens for C&D Recycling

Washing & Classifying

McLanahan offers a wide range of washing and classifying solutions to give producers the ability to create high-quality recycled products, such as concrete and (mortar) mason sand, for reuse in the construction industry. These solutions allow producers to remove excess fines, slimes, silts and clays, as well as lightweight deleterious material such as wood, roots, coal, lignite and plastic, from recycled sand and aggregate feeds. McLanahan’s washing and classifying solutions also provide the ability to correct and/or modify the particle size distribution to ensure the final product meets required specifications.

Types of Washing & Classifying Equipment for C&D Recycling

Tailings & Water Management

McLanahan’s tailings and water management solutions provide a way for producers to maximize their resources and minimize their footprint. Whether it is recovering process water for reuse upstream or dewatering unwanted fines, silts and clays, McLanahan can help you reduce or potentially eliminate your C&D waste settling pond.

Types of Tailings & Water Management Equipment for C&D Recycling

Why McLanahan

McLanahan has been designing and manufacturing a full line of equipment and complete systems specifically for C&D recycling since the 1980s. In 1982, McLanahan’s Universal line introduced the first Horizontal Shaft Impactor for secondary crushing, which soon became the standard for recycling concrete and asphalt pavements. In 2008, McLanahan introduced a primary Jaw Crusher specifically designed for concrete rubble and limestone featuring adjust-on-the-fly technology for making product size adjustments under full load.

Besides engineering innovative equipment to meet the needs and challenges of the C&D recycling industry, McLanahan also designs entire plants specifically for the various stages of C&D recycling. We can provide complete primary, secondary and tertiary crushing systems, which include robust Feeders and Screens. On the wet processing side, McLanahan can provide complete washing systems for removing wood, silt, clays, lightweight trash and other debris from C&D feeds so you end up with a clean, salable product.

With more than 180 years of experience in both dry and wet processing, McLanahan can provide the right solution for your C&D recycling site. Best of all, McLanahan backs each and every piece of equipment with service and support from highly trained specialists for the lifetime of the machine.

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