McLanahan delivers two Rotary Scrubber Screens for Australian iron ore wash plant

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Two Rotary Scrubber Screens were recently delivered to an iron ore washing plant in Western Australia. The customer, a long-time client of McLanahan, updated their scrubbing equipment as part of their ongoing commitment to plant efficiency, optimisation and innovation.

Equipment details

The original Rotary Scrubber Screens were installed in 2010 and were initially designed to process approximately 1700 TPH. The new upgraded machines are designed to process over 2,500 TPH and on average, process 4 million tonnes of iron ore between each major shutdown period. To ensure the machines are running correctly and to minimise the risk of unexpected downtime, inspections take place every quarter.

Each Rotary Scrubber Screen weighs 192 tonnes fully assembled and consists of a Rotary Scrubber and Trommel.  The new design features, a bolted tyre, an updated trommel design and self-aligning trunnion rollers deliver extended operating life and efficient component replacement. Technical advancements in wear materials and structural design significantly improve mean time between maintenance events, reduce costs, and increase processing throughput.

The existing Rotary Scrubber Screens featured a shrink-fit tyre. The customer wanted to upgrade the existing shrink-fit tyre to a design that would increase the tyre’s service life between scheduled replacements. The new bolted tyre design is bolted between flanges on the adjacent scrubber sections and has an increased tyre width compared to the shrink-fit design. It has been designed to decrease the tyre and trunnion roller surface wear rates and increase service life.

The Trommels on the Rotary Scrubber Screens are the updated MKIII design. This new Trommel design was originally installed in 2020 on another of the customer’s Rotary Scrubber Screens and brings the number on site to four. Trommels generally require replacement every 75-100 million tonnes of throughput. The upgraded design features include a simplified wear lining changeout, a reduction in the number of unique wear parts, and additional wear protection.

To improve the efficiency of maintenance activities a hydraulic jacking device was included in the scope of supply. The jacking device stops the Scrubber from turning during the changeout of the rubber liners and functions as park brake for the Scrubber barrel. It also provides lift to enable safe and efficient removal of trunnion support rollers.

Manufacture was completed during COVID-19 in 2020, with assembly of the equipment completed over a four-week period in Perth, Western Australia.


The entire project was managed by the McLanahan local engineering team with our field service team on site for assembly. McLanahan has continually engaged with this customer through regular shutdowns, inspections, and monthly reporting to provide upgrades and design improvements on the Rotary Scrubber Screens. Our engineering design support ensures the customer reaches their goals of increased throughput, increased shutdown intervals and reduced maintenance and wear parts costs.

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