Attrition Cells/Scrubbers Support

Download the Attrition Cells/Scrubbers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Attrition Cell Troubleshooting Guide can help you maximise the production of your machine by offering corrective actions that can be taken when troubleshooting this equipment. This guide focuses on situations such as: Noise; Vibration; and Oil Leakage.

Attrition Cells/Scrubbers Maintenance

How often do I inspect the paddles?

Depending on the materials being processed, inspecting the paddles once a week for C-33 sand or once a month for <20 mesh frac sand would be appropriate.

  1. Check for wear and attachment integrity.
  2. Before restart, check for orientation of newly installed paddle sets.
  3. Once per year, check the internal lining and baffles. 

Do I need to lubricate the gearbox?

Check the gearbox OEM manual for information on the lubrication schedule.

Operational Best Practices

What is the ideal feed density?

The density of the feed should be in the range of 72-75% solids by weight.

How do I know if my machine is operating efficiently?

Check the power draw on startup and during normal operation to establish a baseline. If the baseline varies either up or down over time, check the paddles for wear and check the gearbox for noise and/or heat.

Recommended Spare Parts

It is recommended that you keep certain replacement parts on site/at your facility for your Attrition Cell(s)/Scrubber(s).

Part Name


5” Paddle4 per shaft
6” Paddle8 per shaft
Paddle Base3 per shaft
Shaft Sleeve1 per shaft (cut to length)

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