Plant Upgrades & Consultations

There are a number of reasons producers may need to update or upgrade their existing plant. They may need to upgrade to keep up with a changing market, one where their product is too difficult to obtain or to make. They may be required to update to meet new environmental regulations. Or perhaps their plant never worked the way they thought it would, and they want to upgrade their plant to match their expectations.

Regardless, whether producers need to upgrade or update their existing operation due to environmental regulations, outdated equipment or expanding operations, McLanahan is able to work with customers as they improve and make changes to their operations.


Plant upgrades

It starts with McLanahan’s team of process engineers visiting your site to perform an audit of the plant, review your application needs and understand your operation. They’ll look at flow streams, collect and analyse samples. McLanahan is also able to bring lab-scale versions on site to perform testing for certain applications when needed.

With the information gathered from this audit, McLanahan can provide you with a full mass balance report comparing the believed efficiency of the equipment to the actual efficiency of the equipment as gathered from the audit. The report will point out exactly where your plant is falling behind, as well as detail the improvements you can make in your plant to achieve your desired product and output.

These improvements can be as simple as refining your maintenance routine to get the most out of your equipment, adding supplementary equipment to the plant or switching technology altogether. Whichever improvement is recommended, McLanahan will offer a solution to maximise the amount of profitable product you make and minimise the amount that goes out the back door.

McLanahan process engineers are experts at suggesting the best equipment for existing operations and evaluating the solution most likely to improve the efficiency or capacity of your system. They’ll offer you equipment recommendations that will ensure your plant is running like it should, whether that be meeting product specifications or environmental regulations. McLanahan process engineers can take away the pain of operating a plant that doesn’t work as it should or that doesn’t perform as well as you want it to.

If you’re looking to update or upgrade your plant and would like a consultation from expert process engineers, contact McLanahan for more information on how to make the most of your operation and increase profitability. 

Need Some Help?

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