Dairy Strong Conference

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Jan 23-24, 2019 Location: Madison, Wisconsin Booth: 219, 221 Industries: Dairy, Bedding Management, Manure Management

About the Dairy Stong Conference

Dairy Strong is the place where all aspects of dairy come together to coalesce around a shared commitment to what’s important today and tomorrow. Diverse perspectives and dairy management philosophies are welcome in the Dairy Strong community.

Rob Plank to Join Lee Kinnard for Dairy Stong Presentation

McLanahan is proud to sponsor "Results of a Bedding Dryer: Healthier Cows with Drier Bedding", part of the Dairy Technology track at the 2019 conference.

Rob Plank will discuss rotary dryer technology for drier sand and immediate reuse in free stalls. Lee Kinnard, from Kinnard Farms, will join Rob to share his experience with the McLanahan Bedding Dryer and how it has helped him to reduce moisture content in his sand and ultimately increased the health of his herd.

Dairy Technology, Track 2 | Madison Ballrooms CD, Level 4 | Wed., Jan. 23, 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Renee Schrift

Renee Schrift

Director, North America Sales, Agricultural Products

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