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Aug 6-8, 2019 Location: Seneca Falls, NY Industries: Dairy, Bedding Management, Manure Management

Empire Farm Days is the place to find everything you need for your agricultural enterprise and for rural living. Exhibitors are ready to talk with you about your equipment needs, best growing practices, animal health products, and ways to enhance your production and operational efficiency.

Why Invest In The McLanahan SMS12 System

McLanahan produces the most innovative and economical equipment and systems for recycling sand bedding. One of our strengths is that we can work with nearly any type of manure system. Now, with the addition of the SMS12 system, we can work with nearly any size dairy to design a system with a great ROI. 

With the SMS12 system, McLanahan has developed the first mechanical sand separation system tailored specifically for dairies with fewer than 700 cows. In fact, the ROI on this system is so good that dairies with as few as 200 cows should consider installing the SMS12 system to recapture and reuse their sand bedding. 

All McLanahan sand separation systems can achieve recovery rates of more than 90% if managed properly and washed concrete sand is used as bedding. This high-quality recovered sand can quickly be reused as bedding with minimal conditioning. 

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