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Oct 1-5, 2019 Location: Madison, WI Industries: Dairy, Bedding Management, Manure Management

World Dairy Expo's Trade Show is the opportunity for producers and industry professionals to view cutting-edge technology, top-notch services and the latest dairy equipment from more than 800 companies. Attendees have the chance to talk one-on-one with leading researchers, technical experts and sales representatives from around the world. Expo's strictly dairy-focused Trade Show is the largest of its kind and is designed to help today's producers become more profitable.

McLanahan to Showcase SMS12 and Sand Lane System

At the 2019 World Dairy Expo, McLanahan plans to allow current and potential customers the chance to see the Sand Lane System and the SMS12 up close. Both systems will be on display in the booth and McLanahan experts will be on hand to talk about all their manure and bedding solutions.

Sand Lane Systems are low-cost solutions for cleaning and dewatering sand recovered from a sand lane or settling system. Sand that’s settled and removed from sand lanes is often wet and dirty, requiring long periods of storage and hours of conditioning prior to reuse. This can tie up large amounts of valuable space and bedding sand while the product is allowed to dewater.  

With minimal effort, sand can be scooped from a sand lane and dumped directly into the system, which removes more than 50 percent of the water and a large percentage of the organics, leaving you with a drier, cleaner sand product. This system saves the producer money by minimizing sand management; producing cleaner, drier sand; and ultimately reducing sand inventory.

Sand separation never has been a one-size-fits-all system. In some cases, the best solution for the dairy is the SMS12. This system uses the basic principles of sand separation — gravity settling along with high G-forces — to separate sand and create a reusable bedding product in an economical way. The SMS12 system works best with dairies that scrape or vacuum their alleys and the manure remains undiluted until it enters the system. It is ideally suited for dairies that are bedding on sand, have fewer than 700 cows and are looking for a solution for sand separation.

See how the SMS12 has brought sustainability to Cornell University here.

Team Attending

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Renee Schrift

Renee Schrift

Director, North America Sales, Agricultural Products

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Team Member
Mark Krause

Mark Krause

Managing Director North America

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David L Swartz

Dave Swartz

Sales and Technical Service

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