McLanahan Horizontal Manure Augers Can Convey Long Distances

Conveying manure from one location to another is key to any manure handling system. Horizontal Manure Augers offer a quick and efficient way to convey manure with minimal operator interface.

Proven to handle sand-laden manure, manure fibers, compost and manure bedding in the harshest of conditions, Horizontal Manure Augers can be installed in any existing or new barn setup. They reduce the amount of manure handling required and eliminate the need to push and turn manure when installed at the end of scrape lanes.

How Horizontal Manure Augers work

Designed to accept manure from skidsteers or alley scrapers, Horizontal Manure Augers are installed in shallow channels at the end of barn alleys and covered with grating to allow cows and machinery to cross them safely.

The augers are supplied in 12’ (3.7m) increments and consist of a screw shaft connected to a drive. The drive can be located at either end of the auger, at whichever end makes the most sense in the design of the dairy. If the drive end is located at the discharge end of the auger, it is considered a “puller” because it pulls the manure toward the drive. If the drive is located on the opposite end of the discharge, it is considered a “pusher” because it pushes manure away from the drive. 

When the drive is turned on, the screw shaft will rotate, conveying the manure to the reception tank or processing building. Horizontal Manure Augers can be turned on manually or automatically, but will turn off automatically via a timer. 

How far can you convey manure with a Horizontal Manure Auger?

Because each dairy and each barn setup is different, McLanahan Horizontal Manure Augers are designed to be extremely versatile. McLanahan offers many lengths, drives, materials of construction and other options so the right manure conveying system is selected for each dairy.

Typically, the maximum distance manure can be conveyed with one drive is 216’ (66m), which consists of 18 12-foot (3.7 m) screw shafts installed end to end. However, augers can also be aligned side to side to span even longer distances. Horizontal Manure Augers can even handle changing elevations and directions.


To span distances longer than 216’ (66 m), Horizontal Manure Augers can be aligned side by side as shown in the drawing above.

With a McLanahan Horizontal Manure Auger system, there is no limit as to how far manure can be conveyed with Horizontal Manure Augers. 

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