McLanahan Separator™ Allows Control of Underflow Density for Stockpiling

McLanahan Separators™ are the original siphon-assisted Hydrocyclone (Cyclone). These units were developed more than four decades ago to maintain Cyclone underflow density under varying feed conditions. Separators™ offer control where downstream density is critical, such as feeding an attrition circuit or stockpiling sand.

The differences between Hydrocyclones and Separators™

Because Separators™ are modified Hydrocyclones, fundamentally they operate in much the same way. The inlet geometry imparts a spinning action on the incoming slurry, generating centrifugal force. The centrifugal force causes coarser material to migrate to the outer walls of the cylinder, where it travels downward in an accelerated motion before discharging out the bottom (apex) of the unit. Finer material remains with the fluid in the center of the unit until it is removed by the upward vortex of displaced water, exiting through the vortex finder .

Where Separators™ differ from Hydrocyclones is in the addition of an underflow regulator fixed to the apex (or spigot) at the bottom, an overflow pipe that returns below the Apex and a siphon valve fitted to the overflow pipe. The overflow pipe creates a siphon, regulated by the siphon valve, that controls the flow of material from the Separator™. This allows the Separator™ to maintain the density of the underflow even when feed conditions change.

One unique feature of the Separator™ is that minor changes in the cut (separation point) can be made on-line by adjusting the valve.

Hydrocyclones vs. Separators™

While Hydrocyclones and Separators™ can both be used for dewatering, classification and desliming materials, when to use one versus another largely depends on the downstream process. When a more continuous, drier product is required, a Separator™ is the better option. When stockpiling material is required, or when feed densities are inconsistent, Separators™ are also the better choice. For maximum fines recovery, a Hydrocyclone is typically the best selection.

McLanahan offers both Hydrocyclones and Separators™ to make sure the customer gets exactly what they need, whether that be for classifying, densifying, dewatering, feeding other equipment or stockpiling material. With the product offering comes McLanahan’s unmatched experience. McLanahan has hundreds of years of experience in the successful design, manufacture and operation of Hydrocyclones and Separators™. In addition, McLanahan Hydrocyclones and Separators™ have processed millions of tons of different materials in a variety of applications.

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