McLanahan Ships Triple-Deck Horizontal Screen for Portable Plant

McLanahan recently shipped a 6’ x 20’ triple-deck Horizontal Screen for a portable plant in an aggregate application. The three screening decks will allow the customer to separate up to four finished products or blend to make very tight specifications.

These triple-shaft Horizontal Screens are one of McLanahan’s line of vibratory screening equipment that also includes Inclined Screens and MD Vibratory Screens. Horizontal Screens have a lower profile than Inclined Screens, which makes them ideal for portable plants — although they can be used in stationary plants as well.

McLanahan Horizontal Screen Features

  • Patent-pending no dry bearing start-up
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Access holes with covers along middle and bottom decks to assist with screen media replacement
  • Bolt-on feed box with abrasion-resistant liner
  • Discharge lips for each screening deck with abrasion-resistant liners
  • Triple-shaft mechanism with an aggressive oval stroke and optimum adjustability
  • Huck-bolted spring mounts with coil spring suspension and maintenance-free snubbers for easy access when necessary

Why McLanahan Horizontal Screens

McLanahan Horizontal Screens are able to separate material with more accuracy and better efficiency than Inclined Screens because the material is retained on the screen longer, giving the material more opportunity to fall through the appropriate screen openings. This makes Horizontal Screens ideal for finer screening applications.

The key to screening is allowing a particle a chance to see every opening, thus increasing its probability to fall through. By adjusting the stroke, speed and angle, those opportunities are maximized.

The stroke, speed and amplitude on a Horizontal Screen can be changed to fine-tune the screen to meet changes in specification or feed conditions, which is especially useful in portable applications. An aggressive stroke angle and high G-forces on the McLanahan Horizontal Screen nearly eliminate screen plugging, providing a larger continuous open area for sizing.  

Like all McLanahan Vibratory Screens, McLanahan Horizontal Screens offer simplified maintenance and a long service life, all backed by McLanahan’s 24/7 service and support.

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