New Logo Strengthens McLanahan Brand

HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa., Jan. 6, 2012 – Over seven years ago, McLanahan Corporation began to evaluate its logo and the logo’s representation of the corporate brand. Being over 175 years old, the company logo has really evolved through years of executive management opinions, without ever having definition or meaning. That is why, beginning in 2012, McLanahan is pleased to unveil its redesigned logo.

Have you ever wondered where the circle under the “c” in the McLanahan logo comes from or what it mean? Ever wonder why our logo is dark blue? You are not alone in that; a lot of our customers and employees have wondered these same things. Over the years, we have had some tweaks, major and minor changes, nips and tucks here and there, but nothing overly strategic or significant in terms of brand building. Below are a few of the many looks of the McLanahan logo.

The circle under the “c” doesn’t have a symbolic meaning. In earlier years, a line under the “c” was used just to be different, and it was then changed to a circle to play off the crusher roll in an even older logo.

The color of the logo has also changed over the years. Genevieve McLanahan, wife of Ward McLanahan, loved turquoise blue. She insisted that the logo, brochures, everything (including the car she drove) be turquoise blue. It then changed to a royal blue and then in the 1990s shifted to the dark navy blue that is presently used.


With the explosive growth the past 2 years, McLanahan seriously began to evaluate its logo and what it stood for in a global marketplace. With the addition of the Australian and U.K. offices, acquisitions in Tennessee, Florida and Iowa, the company was ready to reevaluate the logo. As McLanahan continues to push the boundaries with ground-breaking ideas and the explosion of global growth, the look of our corporation must also move along in the same path.

McLanahan wanted a font that continued to show its strength, while choosing an icon that was contemporary in nature to signify innovative, forward thinking. Of course, they also wanted to incorporate the red color of the equipment in some way.

The new logo is clean and strong and is a symbol of McLanahan’s global presence, growth and innovative ideas. The font of the new logo is slightly updated from the original look, but still continues to represent the company’s history, experience and reputation. The red circle signifies the world while the white bands imply the constant movement and growth of McLanahan. It also represents the famous color of McLanahan equipment that many customers, competitors and employees recognize as “McLanahan”.

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