Repeat Customer Selects McLanahan For Upcoming Project

Hollidaysburg, Pa., Feb. 22, 2024 – An Ohio livestock and poultry feed company has selected McLanahan to provide MD Vibratory Screens for its newest facility. At this facility, the company will separate its feed into various sizes to be shipped and/or bagged for distribution.

Having purchased McLanahan equipment for its other facilities in the past, the feed company knew McLanahan was the right choice for this project. The two MD Vibratory Screens will be used to separate the feed by particle size to ensure a consistent product for the company’s customers.

These three-deck screens have progressively smaller apertures of mesh mounted at increasingly steeper angles. McLanahan MD Vibratory Screens separate materials using a greater size aperture than the required product size to reduce the risk of pegging and blinding while still processing high capacities. Due to the smaller size of the machines, less energy is needed to move the material forward. Gravity causes the material to fall through the appropriate screen decks, resulting in multiple end products.

“Our MD Vibratory Screens allow this producer to make a consistent product that leaves their customers happy while also ensuring the highest quality product is being delivered,” said Scott Burns, Regional Sales Manager for McLanahan.

McLanahan’s extensive experience with screening a wide variety of materials, paired with outstanding product quality and customer support, has led to this repeat partnership.

“Our extreme standards for engineering and manufacturing, along with our dedicated customer service team, are the main reasons this producer turns to McLanahan for their equipment needs time after time,” said Burns.

McLanahan Corporation is a sixth-generation, family-owned manufacturer of aggregate, mining and agricultural processing equipment since 1835. Backed by world-renowned service and support, McLanahan provides industry-leading solutions that help build our world and power our lives. For more information, contact


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