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Download the Bedding Dryers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Bedding Dryer Troubleshooting Guide offers solutions for situations such as a sudden decrease in production of the dried product, a discharged product that is not dry enough, excessively high inlet temperatures and more. 

Bedding Dryer Maintenance

How often do I need to replace flighting in my sand dryer?

When the flighting begins to wear, it will have difficulty moving the material through the drum. When this happens, you should consider replacing the sections of flighting that are most worn. Also, if you see pieces of flighting in the dried material, it is a good indicator that the flighting is badly worn. 

How often should I grease the trunnion wheels?

The trunnion wheels should be greased on a weekly schedule. The manual will contain detailed information on the greasing schedule for this equipment.

How often do I need to change the graphite lubricating blocks?

The blocks should be inspected on a weekly basis. They will need changed every three to six months depending on how often the dryer operates daily.

How often should I see a drip of oil going onto the drive chain?

Adjust the output of the oiler so there is a drip about every 10 seconds.

Operational Best Practices

How often should I inspect the inside of the drum?

Inspect the inside of the drum every six months for signs of wear. This is especially true for the sand drying systems. 

How often should I test the dryness of the material coming out of the dryer?

Regularly, and adjust the outlet temperature accordingly. If the product is too dry, decrease the outlet temperature. If the product is too wet, increase the outlet temperature.

How can I ensure the best operation of my Bedding Dryer?

Provide a consistent flow of material into the dryer at a consistent moisture content. Keep the material away from the discharge area.

Recommended Spare Parts List

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain replacement parts at your facility for your Bedding Dryer(s).

Part Name


Fan Belts3
Low Gas Pressure Switch, 2-20" W.C. Range1
Type J Thermocouple1
Type K Thermocouple1

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